duminică, 6 martie 2016

How To Talk To a Girl

At the first meeting, the emotions are so strong that neither he nor she did not feel 100% confident in their own forces. Can not you realize how difficult it is to carry on a conversation until when you are face to face with the person you want to impress. This rule applies to women and men.

Many men were asked how to talk to a girl and what topics to address to get her known and attract at the same time.

Here, then, the answer to this dilemma!

How to talk to a girl: survival guide for dating

First, as many emotions you have on a first date, you should know that chances are the other person to feel the same, even if you do not show it. Moreover, it is natural, because every man suffers from fear of rejection, and when we don't receive the approval of the person that we love, confidence may decrease significantly.

Learn how to talk to a girl and what subjects to approach them to spark interest regarding your person!

Rule no. 1: less is more

Before cover topics that you can talk to a girl on a date, I must make an important statement: sometimes to make a good impression, it is enough to know how to listen, not necessarily to say something. So, rest assure my friend :). Yes, it is true that you want to know much and you are thirsty to tell stories about yourselves, but in no circumstances seize the discussion or, worse, to interrupt the partner because you have something interesting to tell. Women love to be heard and a man who knows how to do it and shows that it is genuinely interested in what they say is always appreciated for the so rare quality.

Rule no. 2: Make her laugh

When you're able to make a woman laugh, we can already say that you almost conquered her. Watch out, though, what kind of jokes you say. See just what kind of humor has the one that you meet. If you notice that something that you thought was funny bothers or offends her, do not continue joke. In fact, never open that topic again. Moreover, more interesting would be not to tell jokes, but making small clever observations and comments during the conversation. In other words, be spiritual and trying to make her smile or laugh heartily!

Rule no. 3: does not ask uncomfortable questions

No matter how open would be the one you invited her on a date, do not venture to ask all sorts of indiscreet or embarrassing questions. For example, neither open topic former relationships - not yours, not hers. Now is the time to talk about hobbies and share your interests. Don't open threads that can be completely inappropriate. In addition, politics, philosophy and religion have no place in your initial conversations as they may arise contradictory opinions which will completely ruin the evening.

Rule no. 4: Make her feel special

You already knew that women are crazy for compliments, but do not miss the essence of this reality: they will not want to be beautifully lied. Every woman has her own beauty and its own strengths, and your role is to observe them and admire them honestly. Really look at her. What does it look irresistible? Take courage and tell her and this without using big words! Sincerity is seen in the eyes and is far more captivating than any compliment thrown naked in conversation.

Rule no. 5: be a gentleman

Of course, when you are a gentleman, gestures are the most important. But not only this matter, because nothing will help you put them at the door and go down the car if you are not careful when talking to vocabulary. No woman likes a man who swear or use crude words. Let's shatter a myth: such vocabulary does not make one to be the alpha male. So choose your words with care and be gentle in speech and in attitude!

Now that you know how to talk to a girl in order to conquer her heart, and discover how to decode body language to figure out what was going on in her mind! More on the body language you will find in Joshua Pellicer's book, the Tao of Badss, how to be a badass with the women in your life.